Saturday, June 23, 2007

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

First off - thanks to everyone for the great response to the release of Catastrophic Abundance. I really appreciate those of you who have purchased a copy and also appreciate the feedback - both the positive comments and the constructive criticism.

Now, on to the absurdity that is the modern-day United States.

Future generations will look back upon this time and assume we were all smoking crack, every day:

Realtors attend worship service to pray for better market
by Keri Holt, Florida Freedom Newspapers

DESTIN — More than 300 people with a keen interest in the Emerald Coast’s real estate market gathered Wednesday at Destiny Worship Center to ask for God’s blessing.

The Real Estate Prayer Luncheon was organized in hopes of breathing life and positive thinking into the area’s slumping housing market.

It was the first of what the organizers — co-owner of Crye Leike Coastal Realty Wanda Duke, former Destin City Councilman Mel Ponder and Destiny Worship Center Pastor Steve Vaggalis — hope will become a regular, uplifting event.

“The heartbeat of today’s economic community is on the backs of the real estate community,” Ponder told the crowd.

The event was an hour and a half of fellowship over lunch, scripture readings, prayer and testimonials. Those gathered had one goal — “changing the climate in the area.”

“We need to think positively and get everyone on the same page,” Duke said.

“Positive things that come out of your mouth will end with positive results. If we lose hope, we lose everything.”


And if you are not on the same page? What then - tar and feathers? Stocks in the town square? A scarlet letter sown onto your cheap suit?

Please note, there is no mention of "we need to encourage our fellow citizens to save money and live within their means so that when they do invest in a home, they are building real wealth and able to afford the many responsibilities that go with home ownership."

There is no mention of the jet fuel that kept the recent high-flying prices inflated: toxic ARMs sold to the unwary, liar's loans, rampant speculation using borrowed money, etc. And you want the Almighty to bless that?

Socionomics strikes once again - the hypothesis states that as you enter into a downturn in mood, folks turn from rational thought to "magical thinking".

Those folks in Destin weren't invoking the aid and blessing of Deity before embarking on an important task, they were begging for juju from the dark gods of Voodoo...

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