Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wealth Gap

"We are in uncharted territory..."

At lunch, take nine minutes and listen to this interview with Alan Hall. These guys lay out some coming themes of rich vs. poor, the politics of taxation and where it fits in as part of what I view as a huge bubble across a wide swath of the economy and society.

The Criminal Rich and the Foolish Rich
That’s how Teddy Roosevelt referred to the wealthy one hundred years ago at the end of the Gilded Age. Franklin Roosevelt then raised taxes on the wealthy during the Depression that reached rates as high as 90% and lasted into the 1960’s. Will the current wealth gap result in similar changes in the coming years?

Well worth your time. Especially the end, where Alan points out some things to keep as eye on as the media treatment of the wealthy turns towards a darker, "Eat the Rich!" attitude.

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