Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Using Socionomics in the Real World

I've struggled a lot with using socionomics on a short-to-medium time scale. I'm not always sure if what I am using as an indicator is valid or not.

Socionomics began from observations of stock market patterns and has evolved into a very useful tool to study culture at large. When studying culture at large, stock indices would seem to be a nice tool to use, but more indicators are necessary if we are to analyze events properly. To default to my engineering roots - we need a variety of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, velocity and intensity.

Looks like the bright minds over at the Socionomics Institute have had similar thoughts:

Sociometers Other Than The Stock Market - there are a number of sociometers other than the stock market that can be useful in confirming the current trend in social mood. The more sociometers that point in the same direction, the more confident one can be in his or her view. Mark Galasiewski explains a series of additional sociometers to Dan Gough.

24/7 Workplace Exhaustion - There are people who believe that exhaustion is the modern malady. If email, Blackberries, and cell phones won't let you disconnect and take a break, you need to ask the question why that is the case. Socionomics has the answer and explains when there might be a change in store.

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