Monday, April 9, 2007

Remain Calm, for Real?

A spate of good news has me cautiously optimistic short term. Since the focus here is too often strictly negative, I'll avoid talking about Iran (chance to lessen tensions there with the release of those British sailors and Marines), Iraq (a bloodbath, but a stable bloodbath at the moment - as long as the Shia don't decide to choke off the Kuwait-to-Baghdad supply route) and mortgage lending for housing (still too early in my book to confirm that the lending crunch is mostly isolated to subprime and not spilling over into Alt-A).

Keep an eye on the Dow. We should see a big spike this morning. After that, if the rally leg stays strong, we may be able to relax some, until around September or so. Take this time to get liquid, stock an emergency kit of some sort, suited to your family's situation and enjoy life - read a good book, take a walk, paint a picture or just admire a sunrise.

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